DEC 22nd 2015


Limp-dicked cuckold takes a back seat as his cheating wife makes the most of a giant black cock


















Cheating Wives


I am terrified of the thought of my wife ever having sex with a black man, because I know if she gets a taste for black cock, she’ll want one every single day. And even though a part of me quite likes the thought of seeing her riding a big black cock, it would just be so humiliating for me. I mean, how pathetic is my 3-inch stub of a dick going to look next to the black bull’s 10-inch swinger. And his will be bursting out a tight pair of jeans and boxer shorts, whereas I’ll be wearing frilly knickers and maybe a skirt and stockings!


















Big Black Cock


Being a sissy cuckold is an embarrassing and shameful experience, as all cuck members of Cum Eating Cuckolds will know. We are all just like the small-cocked white guy in this latest movie - unable to please our cock-hungry wives. And so we’re forced to get real men into to do our manly duties for us - normally big black guys with giant pricks. And we just sit there and watch all the sucking and fucking, then maybe we’ll get forced to lick up the mess. And, oh, the awful shame of that - being forced to drink another man’s spunk from your wife’s gash.


I guess it’s hard for most normal men to realise just how low us cuckolds can stoop. We really have no shame at all - and are just happy to have anyone fucking the cock-hungry sluts who married us for money and definitely not for our sexual prowess. In my case, I’d much rather suck a black guy’s dick and make him hard to fuck my wife than to actually have to fuck her pussy myself. I know it makes me a wimp and a loser, but that’s OK by me. And I know I’m not the only one, as the films at Cum Eating Cuckolds prove!


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