DEC 22nd 2015


Cheating Wife Chooses Big Black Cock Over Loser White Husband’s Shrivelled Dick




















Small Cock Humiliation


Some men might get angry with their wives if they’re continually cheating with other men, but I fully understand why my wife prefers other guys to me. I’m just like the limp-dicked loser in this new cuckold movie from Cum-Eating Cuckolds, so of course my wife would prefer to straddle and ride a huge black cock of a hung black man. It’s bound to bring her a lot more pleasure than my tiny, limp so-called manhood ever could. I’m useless in bed, so she needs much better, and it’s only right that I’m forced to watch and learn.





















Sissy Cuckold


People often ask me what’s the most humiliating thing about being a cuckold - and I always answer that’s it’s being forced to watch. I can cope with my wife humiliating the size of my dick by insisting on a size comparison with the bulls she fucks; and I can even cope with being forced to wear girlie knickers and stockings for her sex meets. But having to sit there and take it all in, as another guys fucks her senseless is just so shameful and excruciating. ‘Why can’t I fuck like a man?’ I always ask myself. And I guess the answer is obvious - I was never cut out to be a man.


The guy in the video would understand what I’m talking about. He’s right there in the front row watching as a bigger, taller, better hung and far more masculine man gives his wife the fucking of a lifetime! And the best he can hope for is being allowed to clean up the black bull’s spunk. It must make him feel like a totally worthless loser, but then that’s exactly what us cuckolds are. I mean, I happily pay to join these websites and watch other loser men like me being betrayed by their cheating wives. As if I don’t have enough humiliation in my own sex life! And yet I still love watching other loser cucks like me!


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