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JAN 2nd 2016


Leggy dominatrix in stockings and suspenders gives foot wank to sissified slave































Leg & Foot Worship


I’ve always had a passion for beautiful long legs in fully fashioned stockings and stiletto heels. I’m a submissive male who adores tall women and I sometimes wear stockings and tights myself, especially if I’m meeting with a dominant woman to kneel before her and worship her feet. My all-time favourite woman is undoubtedly the stunning Nylon Jane, who has phenomenal legs that are always sheathed in exquisite hosiery and gorgeous shoes. She’s a remarkable woman, as members of her official leg worship website will already know, and what I wouldn’t give to be the sissy male slave being toyed with in these awesome pics!
































Stockings & Suspenders


One of my ultimate fantasies would be getting forcibly cross-dressed in a bra, knickers and clear tan pantyhose by Nylon Jane. I’d love to feel her running her stocking-clad toes all over my flesh, and maybe getting to suck her toes, and if she then decided to give me a foot wank - well, I’d spunk within seconds, I just know I would! And that’s exactly what happens to the cross-dressing slave in this incredible foot and leg worship movie. He’s in sensual heaven, as the stocking-clad dominatrix uses her feet and toes to pleasure his dick.


I’ve watched a lot of foot fetish and leg worship movies over the years, but none come close to this fantastic film in which Nylon Jane gently and sensually tramples the manhood of her sissified slave. So if you’ve ever dreamed of getting a foot wank, then click through to Nylon Jane for more free preview pictures from this heavenly session. Or why not sign up and get full access to all of her foot fetish and stocking worship films? You’ll get to see her luscious long legs in all manner of stockings and pantyhose, as she plays with her very lucky subs and sissies - and uses her legs to make them cum!


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UK porn model Paige Turnah makes passionate lesbian love while wearing crotchless, patterned body stocking


Leggy dominatrix in stockings and suspenders gives foot wank to sissified slave


JAN 4th 2016


UK porn model Paige Turnah makes passionate lesbian love while wearing crotchless, patterned body stocking






























Lesbian in Lingerie


I love watching women kissing and groping each other - and that goes double if those women are dressed for pleasure in sheer nylon stockings and suspenders. I could sit for hours looking at two long-legged lovelies stroking one another’s beautiful calves and thighs, so I got horny as hell watching UK porn star Paige Turnah having fun with this sexy redhead. I particularly love Paige’s floral pattered body stocking, which is like a see-through camisole and a pair of stockings and suspenders all-in-one. It makes her curvy figure look even sexier than ever, especially when teamed with her knee-high boots.































Black Stockings & Suspenders


Actually, even though I mostly have eyes for Paige, I’m also quite keen on the redhead’s sexy fishnet pantyhose, as well. They’re clearly designed for sex because they’ve got slutty holes cut out at the crotch and both arse cheeks, which allows gorgeous Paige to strap on a big black dildo and fuck the redhead while she still wears the tights. And there’s something amazingly sexy about watching Paige’s sexy red fingernails stroking the redhead’s arse and thighs through the fishnet material during sex. You can quite clearly tell that Paige really loves the feel of her lover’s fishnets. She just can’t take her hands off that gorgeously sexy fabric.


As a fan of both all-girl sex and stockings and suspenders, then leg sex films don’t get any better than this. And it’s typical of the films on offer at Club Nylon, which feature lots of beautiful lesbians in lingerie either kissing, groping, having strap-on sex or even doing kinkier stuff, like foot worship and sucking toes through pantyhose. The people behind Club Nylon seem to have a special knack for finding lesbians who really get off on foot, shoe, leg and nylon play. And it goes without saying that they’re always dressed in the most exquisite FF stockings and lingerie. And that’s why I visit the website every day - normally while wearing sheer stockings myself.


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