T-girls, give that cleavage a boost with the aid of a breast pump and a push-up bra?

Not ready for hormones? Boob job impractical? Then what’s the quick fix for creating your own realistic cleavage?

Breast [ump for bigger boobs


T-girl Helen from Leeds writes: “I have always dreamed of having my own pair of beautiful breasts, but I’m very much in the closet and cannot risk taking hormones or doing anything permanent in case my mates spot something strange in the showers after football. I have a pair of silicone breast forms, but sticking them in my bra isn’t quite the same as having my own proper pair of boobs. It means I don’t get a cleavage-crack bursting out of my dress and that I can’t have them sucked when I hook up with admirers. Is there anything else I could try?”

Helen, I can fully understand your problem, as I’ve always been wary of doing anything irreversible. Sometimes I still have to do things as a man, so having a boob job or taking hormones just wouldn’t be practical for me – but I also love to go without breast forms sometimes. It feels more natural, and like you say, it allows for a cleavage-crack, which breast forms don’t. It also allows for nipple play, which is one of my major turn-ons. I just love having my nipples sucked and nibbled by a guy.

My solution to this particular problem has always been a breast pump. It helps if you have a hint of a man boob to start with, but you just place them on your chest and then let the vacuum pump slowly work its magic. I am able to double my cup size with my current pump – the Double Cup Breast Enlargement Pump – and then I use a tight push-up bra to launch them into position. They will stay the same size all evening but be back to normal in the morning, so plenty long enough for a night on the town or an evening in with a stud.

Black PVC seductress bra


I am often asked if this particular product hurts, but I’ve never had any issues with that. But I did used to use it on a sissy – during a spell as a TV dominatrix – and he used to find it slightly uncomfortable. However, I think that was more because he was very scared of his breasts getting too big during our sessions and still being clearly visible when he got home to his wife. He was a larger man with quite a lot of flesh around his upper body, so the Twin Cup Breast Enlarger could give him quite an impressive set of tits. And I think that is the key with a breast pump. If you’re flat as a pancake, it probably won’t work. But if you have a bit of excess fat, then you can get some nice results.

And they’ll look even better with the right bra. I tend to wear a PVC one, as I find that gives me extra support after using the pump; and I’m currently wearing the PVC Seductress bra from Skin Two. But if I’m feeling especially kinky and want to add hourglass curves to my bouncy boobs, I’ll squeeze into a Poison PVC Overbust Corset. Wearing that after using the breast pump makes for one hell of a look. I can really get myself some womanly curves that way!

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