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Busty British wife brings back total stranger for a long, hard fucking that her limp-dicked husband is forced to watch


Cheating Wife Chooses Big Black Cock Over Loser White Husband’s Shrivelled Dick


Limp-dicked cuckold takes a back seat as his cheating wife makes the most of a giant black cock


Cross-dressing cuckold forced to watch in extreme close up as his dominant wife fucks her hung, manly lover


DEC 24th 2015


Busty British wife brings back total stranger for a long, hard fucking that her limp-dicked husband is forced to watch























UK Cuckold Humiliation


Now and then a porn film comes along that totally nails my lifestyle - and this one from UK fem-dom website The English Mansion is one of the best cuckold movies I’ve ever seen. It depicts a busty hot wife bringing home a total stranger and forcing her husband to watch as she fucks this mystery man. And why is she bored with her husband? Because he’s a pathetic, limp-dicked loser like me who would rather watch cuckold porn on the web than fuck his gorgeous, sexy wife!























Cheating Housewives


I completely identify with this joke of a man and find his forced cuckoldry situation fascinating. I mean, look how stunning his wife is, with her amazingly curvaceous figure and beautiful lingerie, and yet this sissy still can’t get hard enough to do his manly duties. Yeah, he’s hitched to an absolute stunner, but he still needs a another man to come round and do the deed for him. And I love how she looks him straight in the eye while she’s getting fucked - totally shaming him for not being up to the job himself!


It’s so weird watching a man like that being humiliated, because I can’t help thinking what a loser he is - and yet I know I’m just the same as him. And given the choice, I’d rather be in his position watching my wife having sex than being the guy in the mask who’s getting to fuck the sexy hot wife’s cunt. What is wrong with me that makes me think this way? Why don’t I have a bigger dick that gets hard when it sees a horny girl in lingerie? Yeah, why aren’t I a typical shagger of a man instead of a sissy cuckold twat?



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DEC 22nd 2015


Limp-dicked cuckold takes a back seat as his cheating wife makes the most of a giant black cock


















Cheating Wives


I am terrified of the thought of my wife ever having sex with a black man, because I know if she gets a taste for black cock, she’ll want one every single day. And even though a part of me quite likes the thought of seeing her riding a big black cock, it would just be so humiliating for me. I mean, how pathetic is my 3-inch stub of a dick going to look next to the black bull’s 10-inch swinger. And his will be bursting out a tight pair of jeans and boxer shorts, whereas I’ll be wearing frilly knickers and maybe a skirt and stockings!


















Big Black Cock


Being a sissy cuckold is an embarrassing and shameful experience, as all cuck members of Cum Eating Cuckolds will know. We are all just like the small-cocked white guy in this latest movie - unable to please our cock-hungry wives. And so we’re forced to get real men into to do our manly duties for us - normally big black guys with giant pricks. And we just sit there and watch all the sucking and fucking, then maybe we’ll get forced to lick up the mess. And, oh, the awful shame of that - being forced to drink another man’s spunk from your wife’s gash.


I guess it’s hard for most normal men to realise just how low us cuckolds can stoop. We really have no shame at all - and are just happy to have anyone fucking the cock-hungry sluts who married us for money and definitely not for our sexual prowess. In my case, I’d much rather suck a black guy’s dick and make him hard to fuck my wife than to actually have to fuck her pussy myself. I know it makes me a wimp and a loser, but that’s OK by me. And I know I’m not the only one, as the films at Cum Eating Cuckolds prove!


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DEC 21st 2015


Cross-dressing cuckold forced to watch in extreme close up as his dominant wife fucks her hung, manly lover


























Sissy Cuckolds


I have never been much of a man and have never been able to please my wife. She likes massive dicks and to be fucked for hours, but my penis is only 3-inches long when it’s stiff - and even then it’s barely even hard enough to force its way into my wife’s orifice. She always chastises me and humiliates me for being so bad in bed - and she always makes me wear women’s knickers, cos she says they suit my cock much better. And she sometimes fully transforms me into a sissy maid or a dirty slut, especially if she has a bull coming round. Yes, she likes to make me look a sissy like that!



























Transvestite Cuckoldry


So I know exactly how this limp-dicked hubby feels in this forced cuckoldry film from Subby Hubby. I know the shame of having my tiny cock placed in a cage, then being forced to wear a girlie pink outfit, then to have to watch in extreme close up as my wife fools around with a much more masculine man than me. Yes, I have actually been in the exact same position as this loser! I have been forced to sit there dressed up like a girl and watch a huge cock ram in and out of my dominant wife’s vagina.


It’s pathetic, I’m sure you’ll all agree, and I wish I could be a proper man and fuck my wife with the same kind of passion that the bull shows in this cuckold film. He’s a proper stud - big, dick, big muscles - and it’s such a thrill to watch a guy like that in action. It’s a chastening reminder of the type of man I’m meant to be. But unfortunately something went wrong in my case - and I’m just a useless sissy cuck!


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DEC 22nd 2015


Cheating Wife Chooses Big Black Cock Over Loser White Husband’s Shrivelled Dick




















Small Cock Humiliation


Some men might get angry with their wives if they’re continually cheating with other men, but I fully understand why my wife prefers other guys to me. I’m just like the limp-dicked loser in this new cuckold movie from Cum-Eating Cuckolds, so of course my wife would prefer to straddle and ride a huge black cock of a hung black man. It’s bound to bring her a lot more pleasure than my tiny, limp so-called manhood ever could. I’m useless in bed, so she needs much better, and it’s only right that I’m forced to watch and learn.





















Sissy Cuckold


People often ask me what’s the most humiliating thing about being a cuckold - and I always answer that’s it’s being forced to watch. I can cope with my wife humiliating the size of my dick by insisting on a size comparison with the bulls she fucks; and I can even cope with being forced to wear girlie knickers and stockings for her sex meets. But having to sit there and take it all in, as another guys fucks her senseless is just so shameful and excruciating. ‘Why can’t I fuck like a man?’ I always ask myself. And I guess the answer is obvious - I was never cut out to be a man.


The guy in the video would understand what I’m talking about. He’s right there in the front row watching as a bigger, taller, better hung and far more masculine man gives his wife the fucking of a lifetime! And the best he can hope for is being allowed to clean up the black bull’s spunk. It must make him feel like a totally worthless loser, but then that’s exactly what us cuckolds are. I mean, I happily pay to join these websites and watch other loser men like me being betrayed by their cheating wives. As if I don’t have enough humiliation in my own sex life! And yet I still love watching other loser cucks like me!


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DEC 27th 2015


Caged sissy cuckold is close enough to sniff the juices as wife gets fucked by hung bull lover





















Caged Cuckold


A sissy cuckold always knows he’s in for an evening of humiliation when his wife sticks his useless dick in a cage and then ties the key to a chain around her neck. It always seems to mean that’s she invited a hung lover round to fuck her senseless. And that the tragic caged cuck will be forced to sit there on the side of the bed and watch every single second of his wife’s slutty cheating behaviour. He’ll have a front row sweat as this stronger, hunkier, manlier bull does the kinds of sexy things his wife adores - but which the cuck ain’t man enough to do to his wife himself!























Sissy Cuckold Humiliation


It means complete humiliation for the cuck, like in this excruciatingly shame-inducing movie from Subby Hubby. He comes across like the biggest loser in the world. He limply accepts his wife’s decision to cage him, then he even wears a girlie pink collar as he sits and watches her getting fucked from behind and riding her bull. His wife is all dolled up in incredibly seductive matching blue bra and knickers, so the bull is hugely turned on by the wife... Even though her limp-dicked hubby is not.



It really is awful being a sissy cuckold, cos it makes you a total failure as a man. I speak from personal experience, as I never get erections when I’m with my wife. In fact, the only thing that ever gets me close to being horny is watching locked hubbies like this sexual failure getting cheated on by their sexy wives. It’s pitiful and pathetic, I know, but there’s something very exciting about seeing another man getting humiliated and shamed in the same way as me. Because all sissy cuckolds deserve to be exposed to the world - and no cuckold website seems to do that better than the awesome Subby Hubby.



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