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Hung transvestite throws shemale sex party with T-girl lover and some very lucky guys


Kinky transvestites Karla and Zoe look just like girls but fuck like guys


Lingerie-clad transvestites share lipstick lesbian kisses before hardcore ‘fuck and suck’ sex session!



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DEC 31st 2015


Hung transvestite throws shemale sex party with T-girl lover and some very lucky guys























Transvestite Sex Parties


It’s New Year’s Eve tonight and I’ve just found the type of party I would love to attend. It’s a film on hung British T-girl Zoe Fuckpuppet’s official website and it shows her throwing a transvestite sex party with another gorgeous tranny and some very lucky guys. There’s all manner of sucking and fucking going on, with some huge hard dicks getting deep-throated and also slammed into tight, wet arseholes. It’s basically an orgy, but an orgy with a difference - and the difference is that the women at the party are really cross-dressed guys.































UK Tranny Porn


Not that you would know it to look at them. Both Zoe and her pretty T-girl friend look amazingly convincing in their black lingerie - and it’s only when their knickers come down to reveal their great, big boners that you know they’re trannies and not real girls. And the guys at the party don’t care, anyway, cos they’re obviously into the TV/TS scene. So everyone just gets on with having lots of adult fun together.


I have never been to a transvestite orgy, but this is how I’ve always imagined it would be. You have some stunning trannies, some very horny guys and absolutely no inhibitions at all. It’s a real eye-opener watching films like this, but then that’s true of most of the content on Zoe FuckPuppet’s official website. She’s such a horny T-girl and is always in the mood for action, which is why I always enjoy signing into her site and seeing what filthy antics she’s been up to of late.


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JAN 2nd 2016


Dominant transvestite ties up T-girl lover and then ravishes her feminised body






















British Lesbian Cross-dressers


For a transvestite porn film to turn me on, then I need to feel the urge to join in - and who wouldn’t want to be a part of this kinky encounter between this sub and domme T-girl pairing? I love the domme’s red outfit - especially her sexy red knickers - and I really love the thought of being tied up to the bed, so that’s she then free to do whatever she likes to my feminised body. And what does she do to the brunette tranny in the pictures? Well, she pulls down her knickers and then sucks her rock-hard girl-cock.
























Transvestites in Bondage


Even though I’m more into male admirers, I always gets off on seeing photo sets showing beautiful amateur cross-dressers playing together. I just love seeing all that lingerie on show and all those long, sexy stocking-clad legs intertwining, plus I love that thought of making lesbian love with another T-girl just as if we were proper lesbian lovers. It’s just so feminine and girlie! And what’s not to love about anything feminine and girlie?


And Club Crossdresser is definitely my ‘go to’ website for lesbian transvestite videos and photo sets. It has lots of images of sexy trannies sucking one another’s cocks and fucking each other’s arses; and most of the trannies are dressed to thrill in lingerie, fully fashioned stockings and very high heels. It has a forum, too, which means you can often post messages to the girls you see in the photo shoots. That’s if you can stop wanking for long enough to be able to type a message. And trust me, that’s hard, with so many tempting lesbian transvestite images to view!



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May 10th 2016


British transvestites enjoy passionate lipstick lesbian love-making session while dressed in lingerie and stockings





























Lipstick Lesbian Transvestites


Nothing puts a bulge in my tight girlie knickers quite like the sight of two stunning lesbian transvestites enjoying a passionate love-making session. I love seeing two fully feminised men kissing, cuddling and caressing each other, so this video from The Tgirl Pass really turned me on. I just love all that gorgeous lingerie on show, especially the corsets, stockings, suspenders and that particularly cute pair of see-through black knickers. So, what a dream it would be to get dressed up in feminine lingerie and share cross-dressing kisses with two beautiful British T-girls like these.




















British Cross-dressers


If you’re not yet a member of The Tgirl Pass, then this video is well worth signing up for. Both these trannies have beautiful shaved bodies and really enjoy exploring each other’s soft flesh with their wandering hands and lipstick-covered lips. They are incredibly feminine, too, in the way they act in bed with each other. You almost forget they are men at some points, because they’re just so sensual, seductive and ladylike.


As well as these two beautiful British trannies having fun together, The Tgirl Pass gives you access to 10 hardcore transvestite porn sites. Some of them are on a kinky theme and all of them feature very sexy UK trannies flashing their stocking tops and dropping their knickers for a good time! There is a really good mix of content, as well as sites where you can meet, chat and flirt with British T-girls! And all 10 sites come for the price of one, so it’s a genuine tranny porn bargain.



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