Because suits and ties are just so fucking bland and boring - and because all men look so much cuter dolled up in dresses, lingerie and high heel shoes...

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X-DRESSER Magazine issue 8



Submissive cross-dressers get bossed about, strap-on trained  and put over-the-knees of dominant women in the brand new issue of X-DRESSER SISSIES, while in the latest issue of X-DRESSER you’ll find  lots of sexy British T-girls sharing their favourite images and sexual fantasies in explicit detail.


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Tranny phone sex
UK fem-dom phone sex

In issue 8 of X-DRESSER, we take a walk in the park with our luscious cover girl Rebecca and get a cheeky flash of her secret surprise, then we talk bondage and submission with sub sissy Laura and bondage and dominance with strict Mistress Nicola.


Meanwhile, London T-girl Diana gives us a look through her TV photo album and cock-hungry Khloe Swallowz shows us just how skilled she is at swallowing sex toys. And as if that wasn’t enough fun for one issue, we also put Essex babe Jenny Major through  the fiendish X-DRESSER Sex Interrogation, and of course the magazine just wouldn’t be the same without its famous contact section where you can find the direct contact details of independent TV/TS escorts and dommes throughout the United Kingdom.



Issue 1 of XXX title X-DRESSER SHEMALES features some jaw-droppingly gorgeous chicks with dicks making full use of that ‘special something extra’. It’s got shemale on shemale action, a deliciously hardcore spit-roast session and just page after page of utter filth!


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Issue 8 of X-DRESSER Magazine
XXX shemale publication


Transvestites in bondage
Sissies and TV maids exposed in print

Find the direct contact details of transvestite and transsexual escorts and dommes in issue 3 of X-DRESSER CONTACTS. Covering England, Scotland and Wales, this handbag-friendly contact mag is available now in licensed sex shops across the UK.


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It’s cover-to-cover rock-hard cocks and rampant anal penetration in issue 3 of X-DRESSER HARDCORE. Our sexy cover girl is Katie Fox, plus there’s a three-way TV sex club orgy and some shemale lipstick lesbian action in this total spunkfest of a magazine!


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X-DRESSER BONDAGE features a whole host of submissive T-girls bound and held captive in ropes and chains. If you like the thought of being rendered helpless while dressed in female clothing, then this is the mag for you.


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In issue 1 of  X-DRESSER SISSIES, Madame C transforms her male slave into a simpering girlie; French maid Nina serves her strict Mistress; and a whole host of men who have failed as men expose their big sissy selves in print.


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X-DRESSER SISSIES issue 2 features Mistress Rachel and Princess Aurora turning fully grown men into simpering, little sissies; as well as plenty more knicker-loving pansies willingly (and shamelessly) exposing themselves in print.


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Like to be punished in female clothing? Or perhaps even forced into feminine frills?

Cover girl Lucy flashes her stocking tops and more on the cover of issue 4 of our glossy adult magazine X-DRESSER AMATEURS, which also features glamour girl Kaz out on the town in Manchester and loads more gorgeous cross-dressed babes.


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Sophie and Jade going searching for cock in one another’s skimpy knickers on the cover of issue 5 of our glossy adult magazine X-DRESSER AMATEURS, which is packed with photos of sexy T-girls in luscious lingerie and various states of undress.  


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Stunning shemale sex-bomb Fritzie of Manchester is just one of the beautiful British T-girl escorts and TS dommes who appears in the pages of our latest TV/TS contact magazine TRANS TEMPTATIONS.  Available in UK sex shops now.


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Issue 7 of X-DRESSER features TS porn goddess Mia Maffia in XXX action with horse-hung Johnny Hardcore; as well as an in-depth interview with Charli, the hostess of Blackpool’s kinkiest club night, Transcendence. Plus, there’s sissy exposure, tranny flasher Jane and more.


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Bournemouth-based makeover queen Kelayla James talks high-glam transvestite transformations in issue 6 of X-DRESSER, plus we enter the kinky world of transvestite masking, meet strict TV domme Mistress Haven and take all things fetish with Stockport escort Katie Kinks.


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Issue 5 of X-DRESSER AMATEURS sees more gorgeous T-girls sharing their sexiest photos and filthiest fantasies in print. This issue’s cover girl is French maid Dolly who brings her favourite dildo out to play; and there’s some explosive hardcore action from American cutie Laura.


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If you fancy showing off a few of your favourite outfits, or even a few of your favourite sex positions, then X-DRESSER editor Suzy James is always in the hunt for tempting T-girls to splash across the pages of her delightfully dirty magazines.


Anyone interested in appearing in X-DRESSER should email sample pics to Pics can be glam, hardcore, kinky or sissy-themed. Whatever turns you on...

All our titles are available for purchase in licensed sex shops throughout the UK, as well as at the following online adult mag retailers:


Magazine for sissy transvestites
Sissies and TV maids exposed in print

The third issue of X-DRESSER SISSIES features a trip to Miss Eve Harper’s sissy school (where men are turned into cross-dressing sluts), a limp-dicked husband being spanked in stockings and more full exposure.


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In issue 4 of  X-DRESSER SISSIES, one unsuspecting sissy is forced into lingerie and commanded to suck hard cock at the glory hole, while another limp-dicked loser gets transformed into a blow up sissy sex doll.


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Fem-dom fetish magazine

A whole host of submissive men, many of them sissies or TV maids, get teased, tormented, transformed, tied up, tickled and tortured in every thrilling issue of our fem-dom magazine STRICT MISTRESS.


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UK spanking publication Get Spanked

Issue 8 of X-DRESSER is available now in licensed sex shops all over Great Britain, so hurry on down to your nearest adult emporium and grab one of the shelves while stocks still last...


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